Musician of the Month: Vasco

Image courtesy of Vasco

If you’re searching for something that’s more than a band, then you’ve come to the right place.  Well, at least the right article on a website filled with bands that embody that description.  This really isn’t the best introduction, but Vasco is a band that is more than a group of people playing instruments – they’re a group of people with a vision and the desire to share that vision with each person who comes across their music.

Vasco is an alternative rock five-piece hailing from Dallas, TX; however, the story originally began over three years ago in Bogota, Colombia – somewhat like those episodes of Narcos.  Sam Larzabal, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, released his debut single ‘Hiraeth’ and began to pursue a solo career after its success.  While he took on the music industry as a solo artist, his desire was to meet with like-minded individuals who shared a vision for something bigger than music.

In 2017, Sam met four bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Texans during his time in Dallas, TX.  As the months progressed, Lauren Dalton (lead vocals), Matthew Paschal (percussion), Brendan Winters (lead guitarist) and Benjamin Ramsey (bass).  With each addition, the band began to transform Sam’s original image as a solo artist and identify a sound that is uniquely Vasco.

On November 30th, Vasco released their debut album Chapters – an album that aims to share tales of the band members’ lives while giving a message of hope.  This is a follow-up to their well-received single, ‘Window’, looking at mental health and suicide.

“Vasco seeks to perform music that is honest and is true to our story. Our passion is to make music that people enjoy and identify with. We seek to break boundaries of division through sharing music that people from different walks of life can relate to and prove to our listeners that they are indeed not alone.” – Sam Larzabal

Chapters can be purchased via iTunes.  You can engage with Vasco via their Twitter, Facebook and official website.



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