Carley Varley – Fall (2022)

After the emotional tug that was her single ‘Miss Me?’, Carley Varley tells the story of instantly falling in love and not wanting to admit it. ‘Fall’ is a classic pop song that plays out the scenario like a movie in your brain. While moving on from the heart-breaking tones of her last release, emotions are still running high in this track.

Described by Varley as one of the hardest songs she has written, the track tells a very specific story with a well of emotions resting beneath the lyrics. With a catchy movement that gets you singing along, the single also has you thinking about what she is really trying to tell you. Connecting to her previous releases, she taps into the emotions of a summer romance that has turned into deeper emotional connections.

‘Fall’ draws you in with the piano line that drifts through your senses like an autumnal breeze. You can see the gentle swirl of fallen leaves in your brain as the piano notes filter through your ears. The drums offer a tender push into the deeper tones of the chorus. The increase in instrumentation for the chorus is wonderfully done only to drop for the piano and vocals to twirl around you. Through this rise into the chorus, there is a steady progressive feeling to the music. You are effortlessly drawn into the story and emotions of the single through the tender touches of the music.

While the melody swirls emotional leaves through your senses like an autumn breeze, Varley’s vocals are like the glittering weakening light of the sun filtering through sparsely leaved trees. Her voice flashes with power at times only to sink into a more sombre emotional state. The emotions she packs into the track are beautiful and masterfully handled to make them extremely relatable. She brings the wonder of feeling someone’s love for you and the uncertainty of returning the emotion. This balance of emotion is rather bittersweet and you never quite know whether happiness or sadness is what will be left to linger once the single ends. It is a really amazing track that brings so many colours and emotions to your senses.

Carley Varley balances emotions for a rather bittersweet autumnal walk through the fallen leaves and thoughts of ‘Fall’. The music is a steady friend through the track that leads you into the emotion-packed vocals. Her performance is stunning as she artfully navigates love, fear, yearning and uncertainty.

Find out more about Carley Varley on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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