Nadia Moon – You Remind Me (2021)

Nadia Moon is drawing on her experience as a performer for the passionate display of ‘You Remind Me. After 18 months of writing and recording new material for her upcoming EP, she is unleashing her sound on the world with this single. Bringing instrumentation and styles from various genres together, she combines old sounds with modern musical culture for something unique yet touching.

With a touch of RnB added to blues, jazz, soul and pop, she embraced big band for a relaxing and catchy tone that is 100% Nadia Moon. As another step in her musical journey, which started playing keys by ear at age 4, the single highlights the development of her sound and her passion for music. Bringing feel-good vibes to listeners ears, the freshness of her sound makes the listening experience an absolute pleasure.

‘You Remind Me’ smoothly gets your attention with an easy opening line. There is something warm and inviting to the music that gets you relaxing into it before the beat hits and has your head bopping to the rhythm. The combination of the instrumentation is wonderful as you are hit with the twangs of a bluesy guitar and the touch of jazz in the drum arrangement. Each instrument brings its richness to the soundscape from the horns that fill your senses with the smell of rain on concrete to the guitars that bring the heat of a cup of tea. Through all of this, the vibes of the track are heady as they draw you into the comfort on offer.

Adding to the richness of the melody are Moon’s vocals. Her soulful voice wraps around descriptive lyrics that paint a clear picture in your brain. While the lyric touch on yearning for someone and the emotions they invoke. Her voice takes on the heat of affectionate embers on the chorus while putting a smile on your face. There is a whiskey warm feeling to her performance that heats you from the inside out and you can’t help but be pulled fully under her spell. She has an uncanny ability to bring melodic elements together and weave them into a track that you never want to stop listening to.

Nadia Moon pulls you into a melting pot of sound with ‘You Remind Me’ that leaves you feeling warm and comfortable. The music is a fusion of melodic elements that warm you from the inside out. Moon’s soulful vocals add to the richness of the track sinking into your skin.

Find out more about Nadia Moon on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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