Todd Barrow – Good Luck (2021)

With his single ‘Good Luck’, Todd Barrow is letting us all know why he is a singer that you need to keep an eye on. Bringing a touch of bluegrass to alt-country and rock, he captures the senses while getting you endlessly lost in his sound. Revamping classic country sounds, he adds a flair of modernity and his own personal touch to the music making it a joy to listen to.

His path in music all started with a chance encounter at Cook Children’s Medical Center where he worked. The lack of an audio tech for an appearance by an American Idol contestant led to him having a conversation with Texas Music Hall of Fame Honouree Sunny Burgess. This led to mentorship and the changing of the tide in terms of Barrow’s musical career.

‘Good Luck’ strums into your ears with some classic country tones before the guitar sinks its talons into your muscles. There is a moving pulse to the music that you can’t help but tap and bounce around to. While there is a heavy country edge to the music, the rock touches thrown in add a new dynamic to the sound. Regardless of the influences on the sound, there is a catchy vibe that will not let you go no matter what you want. If you are looking for an alt-country rock track that keeps you hooked from the first note to the very end, you are in the right place. The guitar riffs and melodic arrangement are a delight to listen to even as they drop for an almost soft rock flow.

As you are dancing and bouncing to the addictive melody, Barrow’s vocals put a smile on your face. The lyrics are packed with good vibes and makes you feel better about what you are doing in life. If the good vibes of the music are not enough to have you getting down to the track, the positivity of the vocals surely will. Barrow’s vocals enhance the country-rock vibe of the track while getting you to smile like a mad person.

Todd Barrow has you lost in his addictive blend of alt-country, rock and good vibes through the dancing tones of ‘Good Luck’. The melody has you dancing to the rhythm from the first second and keep you hooked to his sound from start to finish. His vocals pack positivity into the soundscape while putting an irresistible smile on your face.

Find out more about Todd Barrow on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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