Nana M. Rose – November (2020)

Loss of control and feelings of despair are something that many people have felt before, particularly when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Nana M. Rose has captured these emotions in the rousing yet heart-wrenching soundscape of ‘November’. Through the mournful lows and soaring highs of the track, she draws listeners into her world of emotion.

The single follows on the success of her heartfelt debut ‘Love Me Like I Love You’. After discovering her voice at 15, she has been sharing it with the world ever since. Combining her incredible vocal range with intimate piano lines, she effortlessly pulls you under her spell and has you yearning for more of her unforgettable sound.

‘November’ draws you in with the mournful lows of despair. Rose’s vocals softly creep across your ears from the start and lead you into mournful high notes before dipping down. The movement of her vocals fills you with a sense of despair that is twisted into a rousing chorus. As her voice powers through the chorus, she fills you with a sense accepting that negative emotions are part of life, but they do not have to define your entire life. The move from rousing bursts to a heart-wrenching low showcases the range of her vocals which she has complete control over. Her performance is a masterclass in control and power.

Beneath her vocals is an intimate melody that enhances the despair of her lows with a delicate piano line. As her voice gains power on the chorus, the melody rises to match. The instrumentation is like a burst of air that propels you into her soaring vocal lines. Throughout the single, the melody is a complement to her vocals which are the focus of the track.

Nana M. Rose takes you soaring with rousing highs only to drop to mournful and heart-wrenching lows in the unforgettable ‘November’. The piano-driven melody is delicate and intimate as it forms a soft basis for the vocals. Rose’s voice is what grabs hold of you and twists you through the emotional hits of the track as she showcases her powerful range.

Find out more about Nana M. Rose on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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