Piper Cole – Soul Eyes (2021)

With her single ‘Soul Eyes’, Piper Cole brings complementing yet contrasting feelings and sounds to our ears. While asking what needs to die today for us to live a bit more, the single tempers her classically trained soprano with electro-folk expressionism. This leads us down a path of balanced contrasts that are unique, nostalgic, bright and wonderfully haunting.

As she leads listener’s to shed the old layers that hold them down, Cole walks the path with us using bold steps that you can’t help but follow. Drawing on the layers of human struggles that she witnesses in her day job, her music shines with an emotive and relatable heart. Intricate, atmospheric and moving, her music touches something deep inside that you never knew needed some attention.

The piano line that opens ‘Soul Eyes’ has a wonderful depths to the sound. The beats that enter fill the lower levels with a further depth. It is a very tender melody that swirls around you like mist rolling off a mountain. As the chorus enters, the electronic edge enters to bring a new feeling to the folky vibe. A bubbling movement chases you out of the chorus and meets the initial melodic line. This all drops for the really soft and easy movement. The arrangement of the melody is masterful and pulls you into the lapping flows of the single while filling your soul with the depths of the sound.

While the melody is enough to pull you into the irresistible flow of the single, the vocals take everything to a new level. You can hear the classic training Cole has through the wonderful clarity of her vocal performance. Her voice shines like light reflecting through a crystal and beckons you further into the song. While the classical training is clear, her folk sensibilities shine with the emotions of the track that lead you to a chilled meadow. It is so easy to just give in to the movement of the single and close your eyes to enjoy every note. As you do this, the message of the track slowly sinks into your veins and has you turning your eyes to a new dawn.

Piper Cole sweeps through you with the crystal clarity of her vocals while pulling you into the tenderness of ‘Soul Eyes’. With both the vocals and melody, Cole brings an amazing depth to the single as she walks a path of increasing strength with us. A deeply beautiful track, it brings the best of classical training to electro-folk.

Find out more about Piper Cole on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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