Naomi Cheyanne – I Know (2021)

The confidence that people show others can often be an illusion to hide the insecurities and doubts they feel. Through the fusion RnB and pop tones of ‘I Know’, Naomi Cheyanne is revealing these insecurities in a relationship. While highlighting a woman’s selfish desires and belief in her own self-worth, it also brings to light the underbelly that is often overlooked when faced with the confidence of an empowered façade.

The single is the lead track off Cheyanne’s EP In My Home which is packed with passionate lyrics and detailed perspectives. The passion she infuses into her songs has been sharpened and shaped over time after finding direction through writing as a child. Drawing on different genres, she creates enticing melodies and passionate stories that make you think while having a good time.

There is a rich RnB-tinged opening to ‘I Know’ that slides against your ears to pull you into the single. With shimmering tones and deep beats, she rolls you down the melody. The flow of the melody is like a satin sheet rubbing against your skin as it fills you with the decadence of the music. While relatively simple, the melody is amazing as it builds the seductive vibes of confidence whether true or fake.

Cheyanne’s voice picks up the sultry vibes of the melody as she slides into your senses. There is an almost smoky feeling to her voice that enhances the RnB vibes of her performance. There is also a light touch of pop to her delivery, but this is deeply woven into the smoother movement of RnB. Her performance brings the confidence of the narrative to sonic life while the lyrics shine the light on hidden insecurities. The interplay between confidence and insecurity has been masterfully handled as they balance each other out in a way that is relatable to a lot of people.

Naomi Cheyanne uses a sultry RnB flow to highlight confidence and hidden insecurities in ‘I Know’. The melody brings shimmering tones and satin smoothness to your ears while the lyrics highlight the insecurity people try to hide. Her vocal performance is all confidence with the lightest touches of something deeper and less secure in itself.

Find out more about Naomi Cheyanne on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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