Jack Hyphen – Second Wave (2020)

Jack Hyphen used his two weeks of isolation after returning to the UK from Croatia to write and record his latest EP Second Wave. His first self-produced release, the EP is a step away from his last single. His DIY creative process has resulted in a natural sound for the tracks which touch on different aspects of life from disillusionment to new opportunities.

While the EP has a different approach, it is still drenched in Hyphen’s mixture of indie pop and alternative rock. Since quitting his full-time job and releasing his debut EP, he has played a sold-out launch at Sacred Trinity Church and a gig at Night and Day. However, the rest of his plans were scrapped by the pandemic, but we are glad he used his time for some self-produced music.

The EP starts with the title track ‘Second Wave’ and its clean guitar line. There is a funky flow to the music that gets your head moving to the vibe. Hyphen’s vocals add to the groovy flow of the music as it rises and falls between the verses and chorus. The track also features Empire and BBC Future Sounds rapper Hyphen. The rap is a perfect inclusion and melds wonderfully with the melodic flow of the music.

‘Catalyst for Confusion’ turns to an acoustic guitar line for the opening. This melds with the indie-pop stylings of the vocals which have a crisp flow to them. The acoustics gently move into the electric guitar that brings an edgier sound to the soft acoustics. This interplay between the acoustic and electric guitars complements the metaphor of the lyrics. The increased tempo adds to the sense of confusion as it builds the flow of the music.

‘Rarity’ has a wonderful soaring guitar line that opens it. While there is a thread of similarity between the guitar on this track and the last, it has a completely unique flow to it. The beats in the lower levels of the melody have a funky hip-hop vibe to them. The vocals draw you in on the verses and set you into a warm corner on the chorus. The movement between the guitar riffs and vocals add a hazy warmth to the music.

The EP ends with ‘When I’m Rolling, I Sometimes Shut My Eyes’ which has a great laid-back vibe. There is a hint of folk mixed into the indie-pop of this track which wonderfully rounds off the EP. The acoustic guitar has a gentle flow while Hyphen’s vocals add an atmospheric edge to the music. His performance offers a plush blanket for you to rest on as the music washes over you.

Jack Hyphen touches on different aspects of life through the flowing melodies and meaningful lyrics of his EP Second Wave. Each track touches on something new while containing a thread of his folk-pop sensibilities. The EP also features Empire and rapper Hyphen who add a little something to the title track.

Find out more about Jack Hyphen on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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