Naomi Pacifique – The Sea is Coming In (2022)

There are moments that stick with us long after they have passed. This is something that Naomi Pacifique understands and has woven into her single ‘The Sea is Coming In’. Inspired by a lived intimacy experienced in San Sebastian, Spain, the single brings lo-fi rock tones to a jazzy drumline provided by SEON.

The rhythm and patterns of the track bring the roll and retreat of ocean waves to mind, transporting you to the moment that inspired the track. Pacifique brings the skills she honed in her early 20s, living and performing in the UK, to a new maturity as she returns to music after focusing on film-making. Through her music, she explores the intimacy of spaces that shift between people and their environment.

‘The Sea is Coming In’ grabs your attention with the opening note that hooks into you and leads you out over the frothing waves of the ocean. The initial deep call of the ocean vibrates through your brain, while the cool sands of the lo-fi vibes bring a relaxing sense of peace. The layering of the melody is wonderful as it contrasts a rather cloudy day with the happiness and relaxed feeling that comes from chilling at the beach. The arrangement of the music rolls and curls like a wave falling into itself before washing across the sandy shore. The drums have a light jazz shuffle to them that further relaxes your muscles and lifts any stresses you have.

As the waves of the melody wash over you, Pacifique’s vocals ride the movement. Her spoken-word style lyrics have a deep poetry to them. While her performance uses a spoken-word style, there is a light melodic flow that tugs on the jazzy tones of the music. Her vocals hover over the ocean of sound, bringing the scent of the sea to your nose. This throws your brain into the intimate moment of the single and memories you might have of being by the ocean. Her performance merges with the easy movement of the melody to create a decadent lo-fi tone that you can easily float along to.

Naomi Pacifique brings light lapping waves and the frothing roll of the ocean to the sinking feeling of relaxation in ‘The Sea is Coming In’. The melody mimics the roll of the ocean with waves of sound curling into each other. Her vocals use a spoken-word style to bring the poetry and intimacy of the lyrics to life.

Find out more about Naomi Pacifique on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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