Ace Bermuda ft Profiiit & Jada Freeman – WTF is Ace Bermuda? (2022)

Ace Bermuda is making a major comeback with his single ‘WTF is Ace Bermuda?’ featuring the talents of Jada Freeman and Profiiit. This debut track will have you bopping around to a combination of electronic pop, hip-hop and RnB. Using a melody that is unlike anything else you might be listening to, the single brings Profiiit’s hard bars to the stunning vocals of Freeman that ride a delightful fusion beat.

Acting as a manifesto, the single states Bermuda’s intention since coming out of retirement and hitting the music scene again. A music legend, Bermuda flexes his musical muscles with this track while drawing on the talents of a collective of up-and-coming artists. The collaborations highlight not only his musical abilities, but also allows these emerging artists a chance to thrive.

The vocals that open ‘WTF is Ace Bermuda?’ really grab your attention with their sample style. The second vocal line has an electronic edge to its melodic flow. The rap vocals rise from below this second vocal line and have you bopping to the rhythm. It is a really addictive rap line that brings you to the punch of Profiiit’s performance. The way the different vocal lines flow around each other is dynamic and extremely infectious. It is not only the delivery of the performances that hook you, it is the catchy lyrics that make you want to sing along. When Freeman’s vocals slide into the track later with her RnB flow, she adds a decadent richness to the single. Each vocal performance allows the artist to shine while enhancing the single as a whole.

While the vocal performances are the main focus of the single, the melody bolsters their power. Through the opening of the track, there is a deep yet melodic drone to the melody. This gets a clapping beat that makes you want to bop to the beat. A shivering and chattering electronic tone fills the soundscape against the electronic vocals before Profiiit’s vocals. There is something about the melody that makes you bounce to the rhythm and there is no other option. The beats meet the vocal performances to seal the addiction you have to the movement.

Ace Bermuda teams up with Jada Freeman and Profiiit for the dynamic movement and addictive flows of ‘WTF is Ace Bermuda?’. The vocals have a dynamic movement as they flow into each other, keeping you hooked from the start of the track to the end. Beneath the vocals is a melody that has you bopping to its rhythm before you realise what has happened.

Find out more about Ace Bermuda on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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