Nasmore ft Cris Hodges – Say Goodbye (2021)

Through the retro vibes of ‘Say Goodbye’, Nasmore is connecting with anyone who is or has been in love and faced relationship challenges. Using lyrics that bring fiery concepts to life and the slick shimmer of dark-pop wrapped around 80s synths, Nasmore makes a serious impression with this track. Slow-burning heat meets catchy melodic movements for a single that is sure to land up on your favourite pop playlist.

Teaming up with Cris Hodges for this track, Nasmore rides the waves of his extraordinary breakout year. Lighting a fire in the hearts of listeners across the world, he gets us addicted to his infectious beats and emotive swagger. The soulful, yet edgy, vocal tones of Hodges blends perfectly with the professional production of Nasmore, to reveal the true art of their collaboration.

‘Say Goodbye’ grabs your attention with the ocean waves and beats that get your head bopping. It is a warm opening that you can’t help but follow into the rest of the track. The guitar twangs wonderfully through the middle layers of the track, to further draw you in. The infectious tones of the melody are amazing as they form a steady flow that the vocals are able to propel off. When the guitars soar later in the track, they take your brain along for the ride. This is a wonderful break in the steady movement of the music that just adds a burst of fire to the soundscape.

While the melody forms the stable foundation for the single, it is the vocals that bring the final addictive edge. Hodges’ vocals are smooth and slick as they slide into your ears with a vaguely soulful touch. This turns into a paced, edgy delivery that brings the aggression of rock to the sound. It is a dynamic vocal performance that flows between different deliveries with such ease. The different tones of the vocals build the fiery flow of the single that brings the challenges of a relationship to life. The cries that come later are equal parts of pain and anger, which are amazing.

Nasmore and Cris Hodges join forces for the epic fiery build of love and relationship challenges that is ‘Say Goodbye’. The melody is a steady foundation of polished production and soaring guitars. The vocals move from soulful smoothness to paced deliveries and anguished cries.

Find out more about Nasmore on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about Cris Hodges on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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