Luke Lanzon – Wake Up (2022)

Luke Lanzon wowed us with the vulnerability and sentimentality that filled his sincere single ‘Mr Bluebird’. Using a more experimental approach, ‘Wake Up’ drops touches of electronica into neo-psychedelia, for a sonic trip that will not be forgotten any time soon. While the single is reminiscent of artists such as Atlas Sound and Panda Bear, Lanzon adds his own flair, creating something wonderfully unique.

Continuing to draw on the skills he has honed over the years of writing music, the experimental edge to the track brings a whole new level. The complex arrangement of different melodic elements showcases the strength of his creativity, while giving us a single that we can easily listen to on repeat. Super catchy, the single is one of a kind and will bring something new to your ears each time you listen.

There is a rolling indie pop feeling to the opening of ‘Wake Up’ that feels the warm rays of synths in the higher levels. The rolling tones are like the hills and meadows of an open space that reaches out as far as the eye can see, while the synths bring the sun that melts the dew from the grass. There are these little bursts of electronica that reach out only to retract back into themselves. It is a happy melody that you can’t help but smile to, as it sends your spirit soaring on warm waves. The guitar has a distortion to it that allows it to perfectly merge with the more electronic tones of the music.

As you soar on the melody, it is Lanzon’s vocals that bring the touch of psychedelia to the track. The neo-psychedelia is lightly woven into his performance twirls and shines like animated movements from the 70s. This merger of unique and experimental tones create the perfect space for you to feel the emotion of the lyrics. The lyrics incite a feeling in your soul of never wanting to leave the moment, as you give in to the movement of the music. While a relatively short track, it lingers in your mind as you to want to make this moment last.

Luke Lanzon has you floating on neo-psychedelic waves tinged with electronica, while wishing the moment will last forever in ‘Wake Up’. The melody is soft as it rolls over grassy hills and sends your spirit soaring. The vocals have a touch of psychedelia to them, as they shine through the soundscape and fill you with the urge to stay in the moment forever.

Find out more about Luke Lanzon on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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