Near Death Experience (NDX) – Found (2022)

Near Death Experience (NDX) brought some soothing old-school funkiness in ‘Everything’, before moving to a more upbeat and energetic sound for ‘Religion’. They are now bringing a rousing anthem to our ears with ‘Found’, which uses a driving rhythm to bring the story of lost lives saved by the power of love to us all. Bringing their unique fusion of melodic elements, the band combines brooding guitar riffs with a supremely catchy chorus.

While there is a lot going on in the melody, the power of the band’s rhythm will capture listeners in their musical current. Rousing, broody and with a slight hint of dub in the beats, the single has a little something for everyone incorporated into a sound that is purely NDX. If you are looking for gripping rhythms, rollercoaster emotions and music you can’t stop listening to, you are definitely in the right place.

‘Found’ hits the ground with a really funky guitar roll that gets your feet tapping away to the beat. The groovy tone of the melody picks up the pace when the drums burst in, hooking you to the vibe of the music. The groovy jangle of the music not only keeps your feet tapping to the beat, but the rest of your body moving to the rhythm. The moving tones of the music are incredibly infectious and only become more so as the chorus hits. As the single progresses, the broodier tone rises from the depths with the twang of the new guitar line, which is enhanced by the vocals. This darker tone drops away as the track heads into the chorus again. The interplay between the brooding tones and the extreme grooves of the chorus are utterly fantastic and engaging.

The rousing tones of the vocals hit you as though they have jumped off the rise of the music and bodily knock you. This hit is amazing and makes you want to start shouting along with the band from the first second. The vocals fill the chorus with a swinging tone that dips into a growl which scratches up your spine. The broodier tones are picked up by the vocals as you are drawn into an almost moody movement. Through the lyrics, the band brings a touch of losing your life and way in the world only to be brought back to life through the power of love.

Near Death Experience (NDX) has you grooving to their rhythm as they flow from moving choruses to brooding verses in the addictive ‘Found’. The music has you hooked to the single from the first note that gets your foot tapping away to the rhythm. The vocals sink their hooks into you and make you want to sing along to the story of being brought back to life through the power of love.

Find out more about Near Death Experience (NDX) on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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