Neighborhood Goliath – Dark Stars (2020)

Image courtesy of Neighborhood Goliath

Neighborhood Goliath originated in Orlando, Florida in 2011.  In 2016 they relocated to London, England.  Neighborhood Goliath combines their American and British roots to create a guitar-driven jazz/ indie-soul sound.  In 2015, Neighborhood Goliath released their debut EP Between Satellites and Settling, and in 2017 they released their first full-length album Monster Victim Witness.

Neighborhood Goliath is made up of singer, lyricist and producer Trevor Dion Nicholas, guitarist Andrew Cooksley, drummer Steve Gilbertson, bassist Pete Hunt, pianist Steve Corley and co-producer J.S.T. Andrews.  The combination of these fantastic musicians offers an intriguing jazz and indie-soul mashup that I have not heard before,

‘Dark Stars’ is one of Neighborhood Goliath’s latest singles, to be released on February 7th, 2020.  The upbeat indie single has a set of insightful lyrics that make you really think instead of just listening.  The rhythm is excellent and the song is brought alive by the band.  I enjoy how the musicians created a song with such vibrancy showing they were writing and playing from the heart.

The song is upbeat and easy to listen to, while at the same time creates a gateway to illustrate the song’s meaning.  The unique track deals with themes of love, loss, addiction, societal issues, life stories and death; all with sweeping emotional familiarity.

Neighborhood Goliath is an impressive band worth a person’s time.  They demonstrate a fantastic combination of jazz and indie music, as well as being a great alternative for those who are searching for something new.

You can find out more about Neighborhood Goliath on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website.  You can listen to their music via their Spotify account.

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