PREMIERE: I’m No Chessman – Let It Burn (2020)

Image courtesy of I’m No Chessman

Combine Foo Fighters, Billy Talent and Queens of the Stone Age.  What do you have?  I’m No Chessman, of course.  If you aren’t too sure who this is, then you aren’t necessarily alone; however, you’ve been deprived of emotional and enchanting music to this point. 

Hailing from Bournemouth (that’s in the UK), this foursome burst into the alternative-rock world with a noticeable thud.  After a well-received EP released in 2018, I’m No Chessman set a high standard for emerging artists.  The combination of energetic guitars, powerful drumming and effortless vocals makes for a sensational EP.  I could drone on about Amateurs but I’m here to tell you about their latest release ‘Let It Burn’.

‘Let It Burn’ can be described using the three A’s: abrupt, angry and awesome.  Already gaining a buzz with their unique sound, the group moved from somewhat lackadaisical melodies to a frenzied pace.  True, the authentic harmony of all musical elements continues production of toe-tapping songs, but this new track pushes their song-writing to another level.

While Matt Rockett seems to tap into his inner Benjamin Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) with the quickened vocals, it is not this that makes the single memorable.  The set juxtaposition of piano and guitar as an introduction (and between verses) offers a story in itself.  As if mortal, the positioning of these instruments creates the feeling of an argument between two forces – a characterisation fitting to ‘Let It Burn’s concept.  I hate drawing on politics, but the astute discussion of a society’s division and decimation in the 21st-century is easily conveyed.  Hey, but that’s just my interpretation.  All I know is the lyrics demonstrate the downfall of a person’s reality.  I do, however, enjoy the combination of these arguing forces indicating how everything is interconnected and might be beautiful if we come together and don’t let things burn.

So, what does the song mean to me beyond a bitter deconstruction of the population’s situation?  It is enchanting, hypnotic and emotional.  Wait, emotional is a strong enough word for the eruptive exhalation of sympathy, sorrow, insight, affection and realism.  The best way to describe ‘Let It Burn’ is ‘penetrating passion and pain’.  It’s one of those songs that bring a tear to your eye while screaming it from the rooftops. 

‘This release to us isn’t so much about individual soul searching, but the want to give listeners an experience that might not be their usual cup of tea’ says the band.  Well, they definitely achieved this.  The single is now available on I’m No Chessman’s Spotify; turn it up loud, jump about and feel unsettled but liberated.

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