Neon Sarcastic – Illusionists (2014)

Art.  A simple three-letter word that encapsulates so much.  I deem myself an artist with my dazzling writing as my canvas, whereas another may fully disagree believing that art is a whirlpool of colours splashed across the bedroom wall.  Another may feel art is a ballerina gracefully twirling in time to Swan Lake, and another…oh the list is endless.  The fact is: art is an illusion.  Fabricated lies, beautiful fabricated lies that we believe as truth.  We’re all illusionists and Neon Sarcastic nailed it!

Today I have the privilege of weaving my beautiful thread of art around Neon Sarcastic’s latest single, ‘Illusionists’.  The lyrics speak of not believing anything you read or hear, and I’m not sure my translation is what they were aiming for, but let’s face it – gossips and politicians are rather skillful artists themselves!

Relatable lyrics, a strong performance from John Willson, enjoyable backings and guitars, pleasant new drumming (well, not so new anymore)…there really is nothing new to say about Neon Sarcastic’s latest.  To draw from one of Neon’s own songs, ‘Walk With Me’, – “we’ve been here a thousand times/same old story with the same old lines.”

Of course, I cannot expect something intriguing and alternative to the previous track all the time – we hardly receive that behaviour from signed superstars; however, it would stand the band in good stead if there was some variation.  In fact, when listening to ‘Illusionists’ I noted an almost identical similarity to a previous tune ‘Chemistry Was Never The Problem’.; but, there is always a but, this song is the Neon Sarcastic sound.

Mischievous twinkles may be evident in your less-than-innocent smiles, but maturity lies beneath and alternative rock is what should spew forth.  To run the risk of enacting on my own criticism of repetition, and within one review, I feel I must follow on from the ‘Walk With Me’ statement.  Potentially, in my fabricated truth, Neon’s ‘Walk With Me’ is their most magnificent song to date and a base that should be built on.  Soft, smooth and a delicate cohesion of vocals with backing instruments; plus the piano is great!  Anything with piano is awesome!

It is with that that I leave you and make my way to another playlist with another cup of tea and a new canvas on which to paint my unique brand of illusion.




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