Track of the Day: Parham Gharavaisi – 404

Despite all global sociopolitical concerns, it’s always great to find new music that was created in this year of strife. One of these artists is metal artist Parham Gharavaisi. Beginning in 2020 as a solo music project, Parham Gharavaisi released an instrumental debut album entitled Identity Cipher. While the plan was to remain an instrumental artist, Gharavaisi’s music evolved into a style of melodic metal with the release of his albums Replicas/Hollow and Resurrection. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘404’.

Maintaining he has no influences, merely “creating sounds that I personally enjoy”, I do find some similarities to old-school Static-X, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. However, Gharavaisi does have a modern twist to these metal mammoths layering his vocals with slower and more dominant instrumentation – all played by him, by the way. Melodic, enchanting, innovative and somewhat eerie, ‘404’ is a stable but unfixed experiment with metal and hard rock. I love it!

“All the albums deal with subjects ranging from human nature to conflict and personal struggles. ‘404’ is about the insignificance of each individual.” – Parham Gharavaisi on ‘404’

For more from Parham Gharavaisi check out his Twitter and Spotify.

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