Nick Battle – The Party Song (2020)

Are you in need of a feel-good song that helps you celebrate the big and small things in life? Nick Battle is here to give you what you need with the aptly titled ‘The Party Song’. The single uses a pop and hip-hop soundscape to fill you with the happy vibes you usually get hanging out with friends and family.

Battle injects the good vibes with his signature rap and guitar. As one of the few artists who rap and play the guitar at the same time, he wraps you in a unique listening experience while picking up your emotions. A completely happy song, it offers the positive infusion of vibes that we could all do with at this time.

‘The Party Song’ opens with an easy guitar thread that hits you with the good vibes from the first twang. The melody is driven by the guitar which offers the beats you need to get your head moving. Threaded into the background are some twanging guitar notes that add a fun summer feeling to the music. The music has a pop vibe to it that makes you think of summer bangers while being relaxed like a day spent by the water with friends.

The hip-hop flow of the track is driven by Battle’s vocals. The movement of his vocals creates the melodic sounds of hip-hop with a heavy dose of happy vibes. His rap is spot on as he has you rising and falling to his groove while being so clear that you get lost in the lyrics. The lyrics help you feel the good vibes and make you want to throw a party even if it is by yourself. The single is a true celebration of everything good in life from the big moments to it simply being the end of the week.

If you need good vibes and want to celebrate the small things in life, ‘The Party Song’ by Nick Battle provides just what you need. Packed with happy vibes, the single fills you with warmth and makes you feel better about everything. It will also make you want to celebrate everything that life has to offer while looking for the silver lining around every cloud.

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