Nikitaa – High Priestess (2021)

As the title track of her debut album, ‘High Priestess’ is a song that really lets you know what Nikitaa is all about. While the album as a whole carries the message of being your own High Priestess, this track in particular is very powerful in its messaging. With a unique swirl of RnB and pop, the single tilts into anthemic as it powers through your senses.

Having spent the last few years mastering her art in LA, Nikitaa is ready and fully able to take the world by storm. With the intense fusions of her sound, she has already started making a name for herself and shows no signs of slowing down. Drawing on her mission to break down barriers and shatter stereotypes, she brings people together with her music as it transcends into something truly universal.

‘High Priestess’ builds through your senses with a deep beat that leads you to wonderful horns. That beat that first grabs you has your head bopping to the tones while horns swish around you adding a powerful rise to the sound. There is a great movement to the melody that sweeps through you in a way that you can’t stop. The richness of the music bolsters the vocals while adding an extra edge of power to them. As the single progresses, there is a shake to the beats that makes you want to move all over again. The energy of the track doesn’t stop for a moment while moving through the rather seductive melody.

Nikitaa’s vocals are smooth as she pulls you in with a spin of RnB sensibilities. There is a richness to her vocals that is a pleasure to listen to. This richness makes her falsettos absolutely brilliant. While you are wrapped up in her vocals, the lyrics build something up in your chest as she leads you to the High Priestess. The spoken word vocals are a great inclusion as they add this sense of awe of the High Priestess. Through all of this, Nikitaa’s vocals have a dance energy that gets you moving in concert with the melody.

Nikitaa has you moving to the rich and powerful sound of ‘High Priestess’ while filling you with the urge to hear more from her debut album. The single is rich in sound while the vocals lead you to a sense of awe and power. While this happens, the energy of the track as you dancing around to the sound.

Find out more about Nikitaa on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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