Elison – Hopes & Horoscopes (2022)

We all have bad habits with some being much worse than others. This range of habits has been picked up by Elison for their single ‘Hopes & Horoscopes’ which highlights some of the bad habits and vices we all face. Introspective and self-reflective, the single was inspired by their own bad habits and the struggles they faced trying to overcome them.

Focusing mostly on singer Marrisa Kephart’s vices, the single captures the universal struggles that accompany them making it extremely relatable. Together with Scott Yoshimura, she brings a playfulness to the reflection of the track. The duo has been working together since lockdown and have been merging their creative energies to form the sound of this musical project.

‘Hopes & Horoscopes’ draws you in with a warbling electronic line that slowly rises into the moving beats. There is a twang to the guitar when it enters that reaches out to the rather playful synths. There are a few layers to the music that come together for a nostalgic flourish of sound. While the beats push you down the soundscape, there is a softness to the synths that catch you in an embrace as pop and rock sounds intertwine. The melody creates a space where you can float forward while reflecting on what the vocals have to say.

The softness of the melody is picked up by Kephart’s vocals that flow with a cottony dream-pop edge. There is a pastel colour to her performance that soothes the soundscape as the lyrics reflect on habits and vices. There is an acknowledgement of the bad habits which is met by the knowledge that you need to try and move on from them. The driving beat propels the dreamy vocals into a playful mood at times while retaining the reflective edge. There is a thoughtful flow to the chorus as Kephart and Yoshimura’s vocals merge for a rich movement. Through all of this, there is a dream of a time without any bad habits but there is an understanding that this is somewhere in the far nebulous future.

Elison drives you into a hazy and dreamy vocal performance as they consider bad habits and the struggle of breaking them in ‘Hopes & Horoscopes’. There is a playful edge to the music through the synths while the guitars bring a nostalgic flourish. Kephart’s vocals float through you with a dream-pop vibe as she reflects and acknowledges the vices and struggles we all face.

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