Nobody’s Wolf Child – The Fall (2022)

With her debut single, Nobody’s Wolf Child treats us to a balance of contrasts, with cinematic drama meeting intimate airiness, covering anger and disappointment. ‘The Fall’ is packed with teeth and claws that are softened by the majestic sounds of the music, that rise and soar through the senses. With this single, she invites listeners into her domain, but only for the duration of the track and completely on her terms.

Blending cinematic scores with tribal beats and alternative pop, she defies musical genres, while crafting a beautifully cohesive sound. As part of a full 360 project, each of her singles will have a visual counterpart that enhances the storytelling of the tracks. While this is the overall vision of the music, this single on its own is enough to enthral the senses.

The opening of ‘The Fall’ is really cinematic, like the opening refrains of an old movie as they pan across the open plains. The tender and delicate majesty of the music is sucked into a drop. The music comes back with the gentle tones of nature and birdsong. The deep beats start to pound against your chest, while filling your soul with the dramatic flairs of the music. This rises to soar on warm air currents that leave you in awe of the ethereal beauty of the song. Halfway through the single, there is a sweep to the sound that takes your legs out from under you, and has you running through tall grassy fields. There is a freedom to the music that lifts your spirits and emphasises the healing touch of nature.

While the music is epic and takes you soaring, the vocals bring the real heart of the single. Her voice enters with the same cinematic feeling as the music, but the lyrics bring a sadness and melancholy to the gentle touch of the music. There is a heart-wrenching disappointment woven into her vocals as she feels the pain of love lost. Her voice is so powerful as it sends shivers racing down your arms and lodges the emotions of the track in your chest. As the music sweeps through you, her voice rises and twists like tendrils of smoke from a fire. The pain and heartache of her performances turn as she starts to embrace the healing powers of nature. There is a lot to unpack in the performance and the more you listen, the more you are able to hear.

Nobody’s Wolf Child has you soaring on cinematic flows, while her vocals lodge emotions firmly in your chest through ‘The Fall’. Every melodic element of the track has been masterfully crafted into an immersive journey through the single that you want to hear again and again. Her vocals are beautiful as she brings pain and healing to your senses with the swirling wildness of nature.

Find out more about Nobody’s Wolf Child on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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