Darià Artiola – Questions that Spin (2021)

In mid-October 2019, there were numerous demonstrations in Barcelona regarding a range of social, political and economic topics. Darià Artiola draws on these protests and demonstrations for his single ‘Questions that Spin’. With an alternative pop-rock sound, he appears to unleash a call to arms for more of this modern revolution, but there is much more resting below the surface of the music.

Beyond the rallying tones rests a reflection on how little these protests actually achieved and how the rise of demonstrations has become a rinse and repeat cycle. This draws us perfectly into the subject of his upcoming album which addresses the themes in the world that cause people to rise up. His first release since an EP collaboration with Bhlax Beats, Artiola certainly grabs your attention with the layered message of this track.

‘Questions that Spin’ steadily pulses into your ears with an electronic beat that slowly fills your muscles with energy. Over the steady beat is a wash of sound that is cloudy as it reaches out into the horizon. Throughout the track, the beats get your feet tapping their rhythm. It is a relatively minimalistic melody that has been stripped back to allow the vocals to really shine. The vocals and lyrics are definitely the stars of the show, with the music acting as the path you walk to reflect on the words.

Artiola’s vocals enter with a conversational tone like he is telling you something as a friend. The lyrics bring the frustration of people to light and the problems that cause them to protest. This is tempered by his own thoughts about the demonstrations and what really happens. The verses make you want to rise up, but the chorus dampens this spirit with a sense that the ‘revolution’ is just the same thing again and again, without any real results. His vocal performance brings through the emotions of the track as he almost shakes his head through his delivery. It is an interesting contrast of wanting to do something, but understanding that what has happened before has not worked.

Darià Artiola sends out a rallying cry, but tempers this with the understanding that some demonstrations repeat and deliver no resolution in ‘Questions that Spin’. The melody is rather minimalistic, allowing the conversational vocals to shine. His performance highlights the problems that cause people to demonstrate, but also acknowledges that these protests often do not get the change the people want.

Find out more about Darià Artiola on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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