Noralyn – Fiction Borders (2021)

Noralyn unleashing an uplifting rally cry for the truth with a core of quiet defiance in ‘Fiction Borders’. A single that moves from haunting tones to a crying climax, it encourages listeners to refuse to submit to the messages the world pushes at you. Through the rallying cry, you will find the courage needed to resist the things in the world that would pull you down while strengthening a core of defiance in your soul.

Drawing on her classical piano training, Noralyn brings a haunting piano line to a wash of raw emotion and rich dissonance. Her evocative and emotive musical style wraps around the instrumentation to create a rallying anthem that we can all get behind. Not only does this single bring a call to stand up against those who bring you down, it is also a herald for the release of her upcoming album.

The light piano line that delicately opens ‘Fiction Borders’ softly weaves around your mind. The haunting line sends shivers racing across your shoulders while creating a cocoon of sound. There is a raw feeling to the piano that bolsters the vocals and has emotions rising in your chest. As the single progresses, the sole piano line is joined by a soft swell of strings. The almost pained cry of the strings enhances the emotive hit of the melody. When the drums make an appearance, the haunting rawness drops for a building call that leads to the crying climax of the track. The melody is amazing as it moves through different styles to drive the messaging of the track home.

Flying over the melody are Noralyn’s vocals that increase the shivers running down your skin. Her voice brings an extra edge of rawness as she quietly and softly stands up against the forces of the world wanting to pull her down. Her performance shores up an inner resilience that helps you stand against the tide of negativity of the world. Her voice rises to fly on the wings of freedom with a yearning reach. As the melody moves to a building flow, her tender vocals get an anthemic growl as she lets out a rallying cry. Her rallying call flies through your chest and lifts you up.

Noralyn uses haunting piano lines and raw vocals to build up to a rallying cry for the truth in ‘Fiction Borders’. The single has a delicate start that strengthens the internal defiance we all have. As the single progresses, this turns into a rallying cry that has you flying on the wings of freedom.

Find out more about Noralyn on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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