North Ship – Plastic House (2022)

From ‘Good and Gone’ to ‘Green Light’, North Ship has been breaking musical boundaries, while balancing sounds and concepts. Their blended sound continues in their single ‘Plastic House’ which delves into trying to decide who you really are. Fusing live instrumentation with electronic tones and captivating vocals, the band effortlessly hooks you to their alternative rock sound.

With a splash of new wave and synth-rock, the single tickles your brain with retro tones, while twisting them into a modern North Ship flair. The band’s constantly evolving sound takes a new turn with this track, filling you with their inspired sound. If you are in the mood for a rock song that blends organic and electronic tones, you are in the right place.

‘Plastic House’ uses pulses of sound rather effectively to get your attention. This leads you into the band’s blend of organic and synth-rock. The guitars bring a wash of indie rock with a beat that pushes you further into the single. The synths create a haze over the instrumentation layering, yet merge together perfectly. The interplay between the electronic and organic instruments is wonderful as they change prominence to create an undulating rock tone. It is an extremely engaging melody that sweeps you into the current of the music and keeps you tumbling down the river of sound. The instruments get their chance to shine in the bridge later in the track, while the synths cradle them and elevate the entire sound. This is another wonderful showcase of the musicality and versatility of the band.

While the music has you tumbling down the river of sound, the vocals bring a secondary hazy touch to the soundscape. There is a touch of psychedelia to the performance as it warbles with colours in the corner of your eyes. As the vocals swirl colours through your senses, the lyrics use interesting imagery to bring the journey of self-discovery to life. Through the single, the band brings a touch of uncertainty to the freeing feeling of determining who you really are. While the single is about this journey, there is an edge of ambiguity to the lyrics and vocals that leaves it open to interpretation.

Through the blend of alternative rock and synths in ‘Plastic House’, North Ship draws you into self-discovery with an edge of ambiguity. The melody is a masterful interplay of organic instrumentation and synths that catch you in their current. Through the imagery of the lyrics, the vocals dive into the journey of discovering who you really are, while offering enough ambiguity to allow you to draw your own conclusions along the way.

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