North Ship – Green Light (2021)

Balancing between innocent fragility and dark insight, North Ship broke boundaries with their single ‘Good and Gone’. This is something they continue with their third single of the year ‘Green Light’. Using a call and response style, the single takes on those moments when you need to psych yourself up to deal with problems you would rather ignore. If you have ever spoken to yourself in order to boost your own morale, this is the soundscape for those moments.

Indirectly influenced by ASAP Ferg’s ‘New Level on Euphoria’, the single brings a simplicity that the duo has decided to make a dogma for their new releases. Slightly different from the release that became a Track of the Day, it is no less impactful or impressive. Showcasing a different side of their musicality, the band lets us know that there is a lot more to them than initially meets the eye.

‘Green Light’ hits you with these beats that really grab your attention and yank you into the soundscape. It is an intense melody that you can help but start moving to from the first second. As the beats have you hooked to the melody, the warbles of the higher levels bring an undulation of colours. All of this swirls together for a dark wash of rock tones that strangely creates the exact moment when you need to psych yourself up. The swells of the music are like the pulses of encouragement that you try to fill yourself with before everything dips for a settling of the senses.

As you rise and fall with the melody, the vocals bring the conversation of the single to life. Through the opening line, you are encouraged to calm yourself and clear your mind. This helps you enter the rest of the track with an open mind that enhances the powerful emotions of the vocals. Through the lyrics, the band carefully empowers you to tackle anything you need to in life. While the movement of the track is like a conversation with yourself, there is also an edge of someone else offering you the boost that you need.

North Ship brings a swirl of dark rock tones to a feeling of empowerment as they psych you up in the intense wash of ‘Green Light’. The melody grabs you with deep beats while the higher levels undulate with colours and bolstering emotions. The vocals create a conversation through the soundscape that gives you the strength and morale to face anything you need to.

Find out more about North Ship on their Facebook and Spotify.

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