notthatloud – You Lmao (2021)

When faced with someone you like, making your intentions known can be a daunting experience. For many people, the courage needed for this can be too hard to gather which is what ‘You Lmao’ by notthatloud is all about. Touching on overthinking things, the single also gives you a boost to not give up. Countering the fear of making a move with persistence, the band infuses a bit of fun to ease the seriousness.

This look into courage and persistence comes from Rosie and Max. They met online four years ago through some friends and Minecraft. When they realised they both make music, they start doing it together and have been combining their different backgrounds ever since.

‘You Lmao’ twinkles to life with some sparkling tones tapping across some fizzing beats. The almost beeping tones are interesting and fill you with a light vibe. This gives way to a luxurious soundscape on the chorus that is a deep cloud of pastel sounds. There is an experimental edge to the music with the various tones making their way across your senses. While they would be overwhelming on their own, they come together wonderfully. This balancing act is a great sonic device that brings the push and pull of fear and persistence to life.

Rosie’s vocals pop against the melody with the same tapping vibe as the beats. The harmonisations on the chorus enhance the plush feeling of the music and add a sense of depth. You are also drawn into a feeling of connection through the layered vocals letting you know that there are others who understand what you feel. As her vocals float across your brain, she questions what you should do while bringing the situation you are in into focus.

notthatloud uses a light melody and floating vocals to give you the boost to let someone you like know in ‘You Lmao’. The almost experimental tones of the melody pop against your ears and create a sonic push and pull. Rosie’s vocals fill you with the twin sensation of fear and persistence that comes with wanting to make your intentions known while trying to make them less serious.

Find out more about notthatloud on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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