PleasePrettylea – Birthday Card (2021)

Embracing music as a youngster, Prettylea began writing songs at age 6. By age 13, she was making waves in the industry working with artists like DJ Moky and DJ Apostle. Now a young adult, Prettylea has evolved with a mature and sophisticated sound. Featured on A&R Factory, That Music Blogger and Listen with Monger, PleasePrettylea is gaining international recognition with her unique music. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Birthday Card’.

It is difficult to describe the distinct sound of PleasePrettylea, but I will try my best. Merging elements of R&B, soul and alt-pop, Prettylea creates a spine-chilling gothic soundscape. Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, there is obscurity to her soaring vocals; however, a distinctive quality can be heard with the incorporation of hip-hop in both melody and vocal execution. Yes, the dynamic instrumentation adds an evocative ambience, but it is Prettylea’s ethereal voice that leads the single.

Simplistic in a way, Prettylea’s soulful vocals take the fore harmonically leading the soothing instrumentation. What I find intriguing is the juxtaposition between explicit lyricism and her charming voice. The result is a captivating lyrical exploration of dark events with a heavenly sound. Gritty and slightly aggressive, ‘Birthday Card’ has an otherworldliness about it with a seductive kick.

Soul-stirring and gut-wrenching, listening to ‘Birthday Card’ is like twirling about in a kaleidoscopic swirl. Thing is, while you have a goofy grin on your face, Prettylea will tear out your heart with a cheeky wink and you won’t care!

For more from PleasePrettylea check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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