Novacain – Keep It Casual (2020)

At the end of 2019, four UK-based musicians came together to form the band indie-rock meets funk group Novacain. Influenced by bands like Oasis and Nile Rodgers funk, Daniel McTaggart (vocals), Lloyd Lock (guitar and songwriter), Andrew Sharp (bass) and Mike Ray (drums) began forming a unique and exciting sound. The band released their debut single ‘Keep It Casual’ in September 2020.

Looking at casual relationships with the “no strings attached” feature, ‘Keep It Casual’ is an upbeat, energetic and dynamic single. The transition from buoyant indie-rock with psychedelic instrumentation to heavy rock choruses filled with prominent guitar riffs makes ‘Keep It Casual’ a banging tune. Moreover, McTaggart’s smooth vocals add a degree of sexiness to the single making it even more enticing.

For more from Novacain on their Facebook and Spotify.

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