Only Bricks – Smile, It’s Over :) (2022)

With their single ‘Smile, It’s Over :)’, Only Bricks unleash an anthem for everyone who has ever railed against the corporate world. Released to mark the last day of their lead singer’s full-time job and legal career, the single celebrates the freedom that comes from letting go of the corporate world. With lyrics packed with everything we all wish we could say, but never do when leaving a job, the single is an amazing indie-pop blast.

In the last year, Anne DiGiovanni (vocals) and Joseph Lewczak (guitar) have released five singles which have been met with wide acclaim. Using their clever pop style, they keep you hooked to their upbeat and playful vibes. If this single on its own doesn’t have you soaking up the musical vibes, the really fun accompanying music video just might.

‘Smile, It’s Over :)’ has a thrumming melodic line that has you instantly bopping around to the melody. There is a wonderful indie-pop tone to the music through the verses before you get a blast of rock-pop guitars. There is an infectious feeling to the melody as it grips you and forces you to bounce and move to the rhythm. As the single progresses, the freedom of the lyrics flows through the music and is injected into your veins. You can’t help but feel happy as you listen to this track. Woven into the addictive rock-pop tones is a slightly retro skater vibe that only makes the single even more engaging.

As you are bouncing around to the melody, DiGiovanni’s vocals pull you into the feeling of leaving a job that you never really liked. Through the opening verse, she starts unleashing her real feelings about the job. The chorus is packed with everything you wish you could say when leaving, but never will. Her vocal performance is as engaging and freeing as the melody, increasing the overall enjoyment of the track. While the lyrics unleash everything we wish we could say, they also acknowledge that there are some things that you might miss about the place you are leaving. Of course, this is mostly overshadowed by the utter joy of being free. By the end of the single, you are going to be yelling along with the chorus and riding the energy high.

Only Bricks unleash everything we all wish we could say when leaving a job to the infectious rock-pop bounce of ‘Smile, It’s Over :)’. The melody is packed with bouncing beats and rock-pop guitars that have the lightest retro edge. DiGiovanni’s vocals are engaging with a playful touch, as she lets loose.

Find out more about Only Bricks on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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