Oxygen Thief – Confusion Species (2018)

Image courtesy of Oxygen Thief

Oxygen Thief is a three-piece post-hardcore band consisting of Barry Dolan (guitar and vocals), Neil Elliot (bass guitar) and Ben Whynth (drums).  Their album Confusion Species is out now.

The first track ‘End Of The Pier Pressure’ has a very heavy sound.  The whole band starts straight away, and the vocals are amazing.  It’s about being angry and how everything is turning bad.  The bass line and guitar riffs are great, and the drums are very heavy.

The track ‘Atheist Dior’ starts with brilliant guitar riffs then an amazing drum beat kicks in.  The vocals start and are brilliant; it’s nice, heavy and extremely catchy.  The track ‘Uncommon People’ is heavy from the beginning with scoring guitar riffs and heavy drums and bass line; the vocals sound great.

The track ‘Troublethink’ starts with the whole band playing.  The vocals are amazing, the bass line is nice and heavy, and it’s about things going bad and fighting a battle.  It has an epic guitar solo at 1:48.  The track ‘Suspension Bridge Of Disbelief’ starts with guitar riffs then a drum beat kicks in.  The vocals sound brilliant, and it has a great heavy rock sound.  The backing vocals sound amazing, and it has scoring guitar riffs throughout the song.  There is a booming bass line which is fantastic and makes the track very addictive.

The track ‘Rubbish Life Is Modern’ starts with guitar and vocals, then the drums and bass kick in.  It’s about people who should think before they speak and not believe everything they read.  At 1:25 it has some spoken words over a guitar solo.  The track ‘I Used To Be Elephants’ starts with awesome guitar riffs, the whole band kicks in, and it’s very heavy and catchy.  The bass line is strong, and the drums are very fast and heavy.  It seems to really draw you in with it’s catchy, heavy sound.

The track ‘Lost In The Post’ starts with a fantastic bass line then guitar riffs kick in.  The vocals kick in and are brilliant.  It’s about being tired of seeming like we mean nothing and are lost.  Overall, the whole album is fantastic with great vocals and lyrics.  Oxygen Thief is extremely talented and Confusion Species is definitely worth the purchase if you are a fan of metal or heavy rock music.

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