Collin Stanley – Gone Through Hell (2021)

The pandemic has been hard on all of us in both physical and emotional terms. Fortunately, Collin Stanley is here to offer an extremely cathartic alternative rock song that soothes and expresses everything we have all been through. Busting with life and energy, it brings a tempering of brooding intensity that is a pleasure to hear.

Drawing on the energy of garage rock that has been a feature of Stanley’s musical career, through his blast of sound, he helps us all find some sense of inner peace. Since establishing himself on the Detroit music scene, he has broken through the New York scene which his band DDWhite. Each release has cemented his place in the music world while letting everyone know that he is definitely an artist that you should keep an eye on.

‘Gone Through Hell’ pounds into your ears while the bassline thrums through your chest. There is a marching feeling to the low levels of the melody that has you stepping down the soundscape. When the guitars really hit, they flow through your senses and take you on a soaring journey. The music is packed with tension and intensity with the guitars releasing the energy that has long been contained. It is a wonderfully freeing melody that allows you to let everything out and send it soaring on the waves of guitar.

As the melody marches you toward catharsis, Stanley’s vocals bring a touch of brooding to the soundscape. Through the opening line, he fills you with the negative emotions we have all gone through during the pandemic. This turns into an acknowledgement of the struggles we have all gone through. As the music starts to release pent-up energy into the ether, the vocals fill you with a rousing vibe. You definitely feel the urge to shout out with Stanley as he lets his feelings fly and feel the peace that comes from this.

Collin Stanley offers some energetic catharsis as he unleashes pent-up frustration and negative emotions into the rousing soundscape of ‘Gone Through Hell’. The melody marches you into the track before the guitars pick up your frustrations and unleash them into the ether. Stanley’s vocals rise to match as he acknowledges the struggles we have faced and helps you let all your emotions out.

Find out more about Collin Stanley on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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