Pale Moon – Strange Days (2021)

If you are in the mood for a fun and lively single that pulses with playful psychedelic energy, you are in for a treat. The duo Pale Moon has just what you are looking for with their single ‘Strange Days’. Through the merger of indie rock and dream pop, they have you feeling amazing and really letting loose.

With a touch of irony added to the fun-filled soundscape, the duo have you going crazy for their music. Árni Gudjonsson and Natalia Sushchenko draw on a range of influences before sprinkling their unique charm to create a special sound. With the classical pianist edge of Gudjonsson added to the poetic creativity of Sushchenko, you are bound to have a blast as you listen to this single. It also gets you eager for more which is great because they gave an album that they are working on.

The plucked notes that open ‘Strange Days’ effortlessly lead you to the layered neon lights of the melody. There is a touch of summer days woven into the jangle of tones that brings a wonderful beach feeling to the music. This mixes with the almost psychedelic edge of the track to create the fun lights of the single. The movement is easy and relaxing like days spent with friends having a great time. You can’t help but sway to the sound and throw your thoughts back to when you last had the fun woven into the tones.

Sushchenko’s vocals are like a breeze off the ocean that caresses your cheeks and lifts the heat of the day off your skin. This feeling enhances the lyrics that bring a tumble of emotions from embarrassment to letting the bad things in the world slide off your shoulders. The chorus is catchy as you are drawn into the understanding of feeling a little off centre. Through the lyrics, you are treated to thoughts that have run through most of our heads at some time. The light harmonisations that come through on the chorus add warmth to the single which is utterly wonderful.

Pale Moon fills you with the warmth of summer and the lights of a good time while touching on a range of emotions in ‘Strange Days’. There is a fun edge to the track that lifts your spirits and allows the stresses of the world to slide off your shoulders. The melody is light and bright while the vocals dance around you like a breeze on a warm day.

Find out more about Pale Moon on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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