Parsley Palette – Sugar Rush (2020)

Parsley Palette is bringing the fun vibes to your ears with his sunny single ‘Sugar Rush’. Featuring Ellie Dixon on vocals, the track is covered in the good vibes of sunny summer days. With bopping pop sounds mixed with some jazz, RnB and neo-soul, the single is the perfect soundtrack for a car trip or to get you energised for a morning run.

While bringing the good vibes, the single was created without Palette and Dixon meeting in real life. After contacting Dixon over social media asking if she wanted to collaborate, the song came together remotely. Bringing her infectious vocals and his blended sound, the single will transport you to a happy and fun time.

The horns that open ‘Sugar Rush’ bring a jazz feeling before you are hit with a wave of funky summer fun. There are these beats that get your head bopping to the music while the horns dance in the background. The melody is an amazing amalgamation of the tones from the jazzy horns to the RnB style beats and the infectious vibes of pop. The blended soundscape is packed with a bright energy that makes you happy as you listen.

While the melody is packed with feel-good vibes, they are only enhanced by Dixon’s vocals. Her performance brings a slide of neo-soul at the start of the track but this transitions to a livelier vibe as the song progresses. On the chorus, she has you bopping to her vocal movements before dropping you into her infectious rap. The infectious energy of the track is bolstered by the lyrics and her delivery for the ultimate fun single.

Parsley Palette and Ellie Dixon team up to bring fun summer vibes to your ears with the infectious energy of ‘Sugar Rush’. The blended melody has jazzy horns merging with pop sensibilities for a soundscape that fills you with light energy. Dixon’s vocals bolster the mood of the track and have you bopping to the groove while having a blast.

Find out more about Parsley Palette on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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