Toronto Blessings – LiFE (2021)

Initially formed as a foursome called Cavorts before the lead singer relocated to Berlin, Toronto Blessings is a UK-based trio melding elements of post-punk with punk rock. Featured on several radio stations including BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6, the group is sharing their abrasive sound with listeners on a national and international scale. Fun anecdote: while recording their live studio at BBC Radio Sheffield the band was so loud they broadcast over the football results. The production assistant from the show came running in shouting at the lads to stop until they had finished the section. Thing is, the upstairs studio is soundproof so you can imagine the noise! We’re not here to speak about the session incident, supporting Melt Banana or any other live experiences. We are here to speak about the group’s new single ‘LiFE’.

Described by BBC Introducing’s Tom Robinson as having a sound where “audiences simultaneously start dancing and go deaf”, Toronto Blessings are brash, loud and highly energetic. Taking their explosive sound to their home studios, and “destroying relationships with their neighbours”, ‘LiFE’ is the result of recording sections in different locations, sharing audio, mixing and mastering, and finally producing an ear-blistering track.

Reminiscent of Joy Division and Sex Pistols with underlying synths ala The Cure, ‘LiFE’ is a three-minute swirl of aggressive, high-energy music. The pounding drums and distorted guitars are powerful on their own, but Rik Whitehead’s spirited vocals enhance the frenzied brusqueness of the track. While the track has a hyped-up punch to it, the compelling lyricism shows a depth of content within the moving lyricism.

Expertly executed with great intensity, ‘LiFE’ is an inspiring track touching on issues of self-empowerment and self-belief. Acknowledging the common feelings of failure as we compare ourselves to others, Toronto Blessings raises a fist into the air shouting “no more” to the dismal rejection. Abrupt, abrasive and awesome, ‘LiFE’ can easily be a theme song for self-motivation with lingering hopefulness.

For more from Toronto Blessings check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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