Pastis – Circles (2019)

Finnish indie-rock band Pastis have released their debut album Circles, and they sound like a blend between The Rifles and Maximo Park. The album begins with the track ‘Around Here’, which starts with gentle guitar riffs and a drumbeat. The vocals kick in and are brilliant. It’s a gentle rock sound, and the chorus is quite catchy. He is singing about a girl who he maybe has feelings for; he sings about the adventures they share.

The track ‘The King and the Good Hangman’ starts with guitar riffs and drums. The vocals are amazing; it’s about a king who had 11 wives and a jester. It has a great chorus and vocals, the lyrics are great, it has a steady bass line. The track ‘Amazon’ has guitar riffs at the start, then the keyboard begins with the vocals kicking in. He sings about a girl who wants to be happy and he’s trying to give her advice. It has catchy guitar riffs throughout and a steady drum beat.

The track ‘Got A Light’ starts with guitar riffs and a drum beat, then the vocals kick in. It’s about life and ageing but he says growing old is okay, as long as it’s with the person he is singing about. The bass line is great and the lyrics are very catchy; it sounds like a 60s/70s rock song. ‘Sheepskin Girl’ starts with great rock guitar riffs, the vocals begin and are amazing. It’s about a girl who has curls in her hair and cheap perfume. The bass line is very catchy and the drum beat is great. It’s a good rock song that you can dance along to.

The track ‘Barrack Street’ has a country-rock sound that’s awesome. It has a great chorus and a great bass line. ‘Ballad Of Franz Reichelt’ starts with a drumbeat and guitar sounds, and the vocals are really good. It’s about someone who he is confused about, and they left without saying goodbye. It has a great bass line and the drumbeat is really catchy in this track. ‘Curry & TV’ starts with guitar riffs, then the vocals and drumbeat kick in. The lyrics are great; they’re about someone who says he’s dragging them down. The chorus is quite catchy and the bass line is great.

‘Valour Valour’ starts with a gentle sound. When the vocals kick in, the singer sounds a bit like Damon Albarn. The song is about a girl, and he sings about how she looked good in every colour she wore. He sings about how much he loves her; it’s a very gentle rock song. ‘Disco Volante’ has guitar riffs and a drumbeat at the start, then the whole band kicks in and the vocals are amazing. It’s a bit heavier than the last song, and he sings about a girl he loves and how everything is going to be alright. The track ‘Circles’ starts with a drumbeat and is about a girl who he wants to listen, and how he sees the sunburst in her eyes. He sings about how nothing is changing and we’re only ageing. The bass line is strong and the drumbeat is catchy.

The album is a great rock album with a mixture of very gentle to slightly heavier, but every song has a meaning and is very catchy. You can listen to the album on Spotify, and follow Pastis on Facebook.

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