Far From Final – Crossing The Sun (2018)

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Far From Final is an indie rock band from Birmingham, Alabama. They released their debut album Crossing The Sun on May 23, 2018. The band is made up of Wes. A.Wyatt (composer, singer/songwriter), producer Ben Trexel, and mastered by Brian ‘Gibbs’.

While it’s considered a rock album there isn’t one set genre into which this album falls. Styles range from alternative to acoustic rock, rock, indie, and hard rock. The biggest genre represented is hard rock, which correlates to the riffs, beats, and melodies of the ’80s and ’90s with a southern flair.

Songs such as ‘Exhale’, ‘Cover Is Blown’ and ‘Prison On The Road’ all have a rock ‘n’ roll vibe with short repetitive riffs from the guitars and a sort of grungy sound to them. As a classic rock fan (particularly from the ’90s), I can see the comparison to bands such as Alice in Chains. If I were to put these songs into genres, I would say they fall into the rock and hard rock categories.

Other songs are more similar to rock, rather than hard rock or alternative. My immediate thought when I first listened to the song ‘Reasons’ was the chorus of ‘Good Vibrations’ by The Beach Boys. I don’t know why, but it’s the only way I can describe it. While there are obvious differences, there is something about the reverb at the beginning of the song that made the comparison.

While some tracks have more of rough exterior, there are some on the smoother side. This is where I feel the artist really captures the indie tone. When I think indie, I think acoustic and blending various styles to mellow the intensity of the music. To me, ‘Illusion’ is the song on the album that is the closest to indie.

I think the mix of different genres is one thing that makes Far From Final stand out from other bands. The different sound combinations, mixed with their southern roots, makes it special and unique. They made it so each song has a distinct sound and can separate itself from the rest. Songs don’t sound the same throughout the album, nor does it sound like they’re running together. Everything is able to stand out on its own and claim its own identity.

What I’ve discovered is that bands often write songs as if they are meant to be the soundtrack to something; ‘Volcano Sunset’ is a great example. It’s not a purely acoustic song, but the presence of the acoustic guitar is more in focus than the other instruments. I can easily imagine myself sitting on top of a hill watching the sunset with this song playing in the background.

Some songs blend multiple genres into the track instead of falling into one category. The perfect examples are ‘Time Always Flies’ and ‘Cover is Blown’. The vocals remind me of traditional ’90s classic rock, however, the guitars are playing long electric riffs found in the alternative genre. You can also hear the bass behind the drums. It’s as if it was a wall of sound where each instrument is carefully placed so you can clearly identify the instrument played.

Another thing that sets this band apart from others is Wes’ country vocals. The southern twang, mixed with melodies and rock, contributes to a country/classic rock-type crossover. I’ve heard country and pop music entwined, but never with rock, and I like it.

I would recommend this band to anyone who is a fan of Alice in Chains or are fans of ’80s/’90s rock or alternative. Listeners need to keep in mind that there is a hint of a southern twist that makes it sound a little more like country. If you’re a William Ryan Key fan (his solo project, not Yellowcard), you will enjoy some of the more acoustic songs on this album.

Overall, I enjoyed this album as a fan of ’90s rock, country and alternative music. It was interesting, and the first time I heard a multitude of these different tones come together as one. Each song was layered in a way that allowed me to pick out and identify each of the elements. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to combine all these different genres into one song while trying to maintain a sense of balance. Far From Final did an amazing job making sure everything sounded just right.

With Crossing The Sun being Far From Final’s debut album, the only other songs available for streaming are the singles ‘Exhale‘ and ‘Crossing The Sun’, both of which are available for streaming on iTunes.

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