Paul Cafcae – Downtown (2021)

If you are in need of a song that you can jam to and get lost in, Paul Cafcae has just what you need with ‘Downtown’. With a blended soundscape full of country two-step and bluesy riffs, the single has you longing for those dimly-lit bars that you find in the middle of a night out on the town. Featuring a harmonica solo by Hector Alexander, the single offers a clear blues foundation with a deeply engaging upper layer of grooves.

This is not surprising since Cafcae has had an ear for solid melodies from an early age. He honed this ear through studying music theory, the accordion, piano and vocals before picking up the guitar while at high school. Having toured with bands across Europe and North America, he brings a light and fresh sound to your ears that makes you year for something underground.

‘Downtown’ fills you with the blended soundscape from the first moment. There are jangling country tones that twirl around some really blues lower levels. If you are not moving to the music from the first second, you need to turn up the volume and just let loose. The movement of the melody is all two-step with the bluesy upper layer adds a whole different dimension to the song. When that harmonica solo by Alexander comes in, it just makes you want to move around even more.

Cafcae’s vocals are as engaging as the music while bringing the reality of life to your ears. There is a lot of relatable vibes in the lyrics as he lays out a rather boring existence. This swings to the fun you can have downtown in blues bars. There is a very high chance that you are going to be singing along to the playful and rather satirical lyrics before the song is done.

Paul Cafcae has you grooving to his blended soundscape in ‘Downtown’ while longing for the freedom that hitting the town can bring. While the music has a country feel, there is a wonderful wash of bluesy tones and a killer harmonica solo. This combines with his vocals for a playful and relatable single that you can’t help but smile to.

Find out more about Paul Cafcae on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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