HYMNS – Reset (2021)

Described by Soundsphere Magazine as “dark and beautiful”, HYMNS nod to the epic sounds of Black Sabbath with a twinge of Queens of the Stone Age. A UK-based foursome, the group expose the grittiness of city experiences with entrancing elegance. Following their debut EP London in 2016, Oliver Hooper (vocals and lead guitar), Giorgio Compagnone (bass guitar and keys), Filippo Ferazzoli (guitar) and Amy Chapman (drums) have gained a reputation for hard-hitting melodies and poignant lyricism.

Since their debut EP, the group have enjoyed various notable festival slots including Camden Rocks and Oxjam Crystal Palace. Their music has also grabbed the attention of curators across the globe ranging from Joyzine to Punk-Rocker and Fortitude Magazine. We have the privilege to introduce you to HYMNS with their single ‘Reset’.

The title track from their brand new EP, ‘Reset’ is a hard-hitting single filled with raw honesty. A commentary on sociopolitical issues of today, capitalism, materialism and the consequences, ‘Reset’ may be considered a provocative track for some. While the lyricism does hold depth and poignancy, the powerful message is mostly based, for me, in the execution.

Reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and Ian Curtis, Hooper’s rich vocals have a husky tone that enhances the seriousness of this social commentary. Authoritative in a way, the strong baritone points out the need for action in these dire times with strong persistence. Yet, while Hooper has an abrupt directness in his performance, there is also a lingering sense of hopefulness and sincerity throughout.

Of course, songs are nothing without a melody and HYMNS break the mould with ‘Reset’. The flowing combination of dynamic guitars and pounding drums not only assault the senses but reinforce the song’s deeply inspiring content. Both lyrics and melody being forthcoming in their execution, one would imagine a jarred performance; however, HYMNS showcase their eclecticism and diversity with flowing harmonies, crashing crescendos and soul-stirring melodies.

In addition to the single, HYMNS released an official music video for ‘Reset’. You can view the video on their YouTube channel.

For more from HYMNS check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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