Paul Lynch – Ode (2020)

After travelling around half the world, Paul Lynch has returned to England. He is now ready to present his view of it using his unique blend of indie-folk. You might remember Lynch from 2019 when he released four singles and was featured on radio and YouTube channels including Curved Flow.

His new track ‘Ode’ entwines his story-telling writing style with creative use of melody. The slow and dreamy start of the song hooks you. The blend of Lynch’s voice and female vocals adds to the soft opening. The swing into a slightly faster melody transports you to where his mind wanders.

The use of various instruments combines perfectly with his lead vocals and the backing vocals. The harmonies flow through the song to carry the overall tone. The transitions are effortless and create the unique track you would expect from Lynch. The track creates a feel-good glass that you can look through and see the story of the lyrics unfold.

‘Ode’ is the latest offering from Paul Lynch and it offers the indie-folk mix that you might be craving. The blending vocals, smooth melody and dreamy feel transports you through Lynch’s mind. The track is soothing and catchy.

Find out more about Paul Lynch on his website, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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