Chris Mossop – Candle In You Still Burns (2020)

Singer-songwriter Chris Mossop comes from the hills of Scotland. His distinct voice is engaging and carries the tone of his homeland. Since 2018, he has been well-received across the UK and Europe with sold-out shows in Switzerland and Edinburgh.

His new release, ‘Candle In You Still Burns’, was inspired by a speech he heard a few years ago. The theme of the song is hope and how delicate it can be. The song tells us how important it is to remember that hope is there, even when it feels small.

The track showcases Mossop’s clear and distinct voice. You can also hear why he has been compared to Damien Rice and even David Grey. The simple blend of his voice, guitar and string instruments carries you through the story of the song. The emotion evident in the vocals drives the message of the song home.

The lyrics set a scene of diminished hope and portrays the desolation you can feel when everything becomes too much. You are then led through ways to nurture the small flame of hope during these times. ‘Candle In You Still Burns’ is an amazing journey that helps you feel hope in the darker moments of life.

Chris Mossop’s new track ‘Candle In You Still Burns’ is a great showcase of his clear vocals and song writing talent. The theme of hope is clear throughout the lyrics and melody. The steady pace of the track makes it a song you want to play on repeat.

Find out more about Chris Mossop on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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