Pete Sahaidachny – Skeletons (2021)

When working in a specific area for a long time, it is possible to become jaded with the industry; however, this is not the case for composer and singer-songwriter Pete Sahaidachny. Obscure and intriguing, Sahaidachny constantly reinvents himself with each of his singles. While this is my first introduction to the US-based artist, Sahaidachny has turned heads of notable critics across the globe featuring in Sinusoidal Music, Nova Music Blog and Roadie Music. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Skeletons’.

Following his wistful dream-pop meets indie-rock track ‘Messages’, Sahaidachny adopts a gruffer progressive rock style in ‘Skeletons’. Intense from the get-go, you can feel the deeper meaning in the material through the rock-inspired melody. With the intimacy of Leonard Cohen and vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave, the new single is filled with a creepiness that you do not mind connecting with. Sahaidachny’s composition skills are exceptional in this track incorporating heavy drums, husky vocals and a screeching lead guitar solo that sends shivers down your spine.

Released on the music label Creative Vibrations, ‘Skeletons’ touches on elements of loneliness, isolation, anxiety and inner turmoil. A melancholic tone is used to execute the haunting lyrics looking at skeletons being in his closet and a desire to be seen. It is this raw melancholia that enhances the poignancy of the track, even if it can be overwhelming in its meaning. Brutal honesty is the thread of ‘Skeletons’ and many people can relate to the tear-inducing concept of lost love.

Sentimental and heart-wrenching, listening to ‘Skeletons’ is like being placed on a tumultuous sonic river bobbing along with a painful sorrow in the pit of your stomach. One of my favourite aspects of the track is the abrupt ending where the listener is left with regret and a yearning for “the one that got away”. I cannot wait for more from this talented artist.

For more from Pete Sahaidachny check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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