The Machine Knows – Burn the Witch (2021)

The Machine Knows is putting the heavy topic of getting out of an abusive relationship to some seriously engaging rock tones in ‘Burn the Witch’. With a punchy melody and lyrics that are much deeper than first meets the ear, the band takes listeners on a serious musical journey. While diving into the turn of a relationship from sweet to sour, they also consider the all too human aspects of any relationship and the idea that it takes two to tango.

Fusing a classic rock rebel yell with the call for freedom and the all too human experience of relationships, the band lets you know why they have been making a splash in their native Denmark. With an infectious sound, the power rock trio will get you hooked to their sound while marvelling at the depths of their lyricism. To complete the release, they have an entertaining music video that brings the heart of the single to visual life.

‘Burn the Witch’ pulls you in with a rather epic guitar opening that hooks its talons into your brain and yanks. This leads you to deep beats that get you bopping to the rhythm. There is a slightly moody feeling to the music as it swirls with a touch of twilight tones letting you know that there is something dark resting below the surface. The steady movement of the music through the verses perfectly brings you to the paced chorus that shakes you from the inside out. There is this energy woven into each note that vibrates through your veins like a jolt of electricity.

Resting over the addictive melody is a rather ethereal hum of backing vocals. This backing line adds to the darkness of the music that seems to be warning you of what is to come. The vocals have a great rock smoothness to them with a touch of gruff scratching. The performance perfectly pulls you into the emotion of the track and the tale of a toxic relationship. Through the verses, you are pulled under the thrall of the band while the chorus pushes at the boundaries to escape the situation. The balance of blame has been delicately handled in the vocals.

The Machine Knows takes you on an addictive musical journey out of a toxic relationship through the punchy sounds of ‘Burn the Witch’. The melody pulls you in with a twilight swirl that leads you to paced choruses and wonderful rock punches. The humming backing vocals carry a warning that is laced into the main vocal performance which is as infectious as the music.

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