Peter Barnardo – I of the Storm (2021)

Peter Barnardo is blending storytelling and emotive lyrics with atmospheric melodics for the raw journey of ‘I of the Storm’. Through the raw yet faith-filled journey of the single, he displays a swirling whirlpool of emotion from fear to excitement and victory. Drawing inspiration from the story of a different Peter walking on water, he uses the tale to confront emotions and step out with a positive message.

Written with the help of Naveen Enoch, Barnardo brings his alternative-rock stylings to a story that transcends the lyrics of the track. With a rather epic production, he brings a storm to your ears only to help you find the peace in the centre of it all. As the third track from his self-produced upcoming EP, it gives you a taste of what to expect.

The melody of ‘I of the Storm’ is a swirling storm cloud that brings the taste of lightning with it. Through the dynamic movement of the music, you can see the storm churning the waves of the ocean in your mind. This perfectly combines with the vocals on the verses to create the ominous presence of an unassailable storm. It is amazing how the vocals and melody come together to form the dark clouds that threaten to overwhelm.

While the atmosphere of the melody and verses churn with darkness, there is a light breakthrough. As with the stormy tones, this comes through in a combination of melody and vocals. The higher notes of the melody are rays of light shining between the storm clouds. Barnardo’s vocals are like the wind whipping past you to blow the storm away. Through all of this, he fills you with a rather intense emotional journey through fear to that moment when you feel the confidence to take the first step into the turbulent waters outside your comfort zone. There is a lot going on in this track that shines through the movements of the music.

Peter Barnardo combines his vocals and atmospheric melodics to create a churning storm and the peace of the eye in ‘I of the Storm’. There is a lot going on in the track, but through it all, you are filled with a confidence that you can take on the turbulent waters of the world. There is a raw feeling to the single that reaches into your soul and helps you find the faith to go on.

Find out more about Peter Barnardo on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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