A Chat with Cassandra Raffaele (13.07.21)

Embracing a solo career, singer-songwriter Cassandra Raffaele is back with an enchanting indie ballad. Described by Turn Up The Volume as echoing sounds of Amy Winehouse, Raffaele is certainly powerful. We speak with Raffaele about her new single ‘My Anarchy Loves You’, artists she’d like to meet and future plans.

OSR: What inspired you to become a musician?

Raffaele: I was born surrounded by music because my father is a musician. So approaching music has been so natural, even if I must confess, it was not obvious and immediate. I have chosen to be an artisan, I mean a musician, when I discovered to be able to create with music, writing songs. That was my momentum to become what I am now.

OSR: Do you have any specific influences as a musician?

Raffaele: My influences come from musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, Beatles (a lot of vinyls at home) but also from trip-hop scene Portishead and Goldfrapp. I simply adore Alison’s vocal.

OSR: What is the backstory to your single ‘My Anarchy Loves You’?

Raffaele: When I wrote the song, I remember It was morning. I was playing my guitar and I felt a little depressed, definitely off. I needed to do music but the creative process seemed to be locked. Suddenly, playing some chords with a long reverb, the first words started to come out and they were: “My anarchy loves you”. It was something to be lost, and then music itself helped me to find myself. So I wrote the rest of the lyrics and dedicated it to music and what it means to me. I learnt that I have to protect it, defend it from my fears putting them in what I write, and music can always help ease the pain.

OSR: Did you have any difficulties writing and recording the single?

Raffaele: Nope, I am lucky in that sense because I have a little home recording studio. I also live close to a cool analogic recording studio where my new project is born.

OSR: If you could change one thing about the song, what would it be?

Raffaele: I don’t change anything in the end because I am used to doing it during production time. I trust in my instinct and leave the song to do the rest.

OSR: You released a music video for ‘My Anarchy Loves You’. What can you tell us about it?

Raffaele: This video was produced by Matteo Cassarini, a young and talented cinematographer. He graduated with honours from London South Bank University with a Bachelors Degree in Arts and Humanities. I met him in Italy at the end of last year. He listened to my song and he felt so touched by it that he decided to write and produce the video involving the choreographer, Alessio Vanzini, and the DOP Matteo Luppi.

The video follows a woman as she meets all emotions performed by young dancers in the immensity of a disused house which represents her troubled soul. It was a challenge to all of us because Matteo started to film during the second pandemic explosion. The production was deeply hard but definitely so emotional. None of us will easily forget this experience.

OSR: What do you hope people take from the music video?

Raffaele: I hope people will feel all those emotions we felt making it.


OSR: If you could spend one day with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Raffaele: Paul McCartney! I would like to share my father’s greetings and chat with him.

OSR: If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

Raffaele: Maybe a fish from the Mediterranean Sea?

OSR: How do you believe the Covid-19 pandemic has affected musicians and the music industry?

Raffaele: Due to the pandemic, I was forced to stop everything as were a lot of musicians. It was proof, personally an opportunity to find new solutions to produce and share music in all the ways. The music industry has faced this troubled time with musicians and all people working in the music industry. I hope we will start with new strength and awareness as I believe after suffering a new Renaissance will come with arts.

OSR: Are there future plans for Cassandra Raffaele?

Raffaele: My plans are to do all the best I can do for writing the best songs I can write and share them everywhere.

For more from Cassandra Raffaele, check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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