Phil Mitchell – My Love is True (2020)

Phil Mitchell offers listeners a unique experience with their single ‘My Love is True’. Off their fourth album A Better World, the track combines the band’s folk sensibilities with some soul and RnB while hitting you with an unusual tempo. This combination of musical elements is covered by female vocals that pull 60s style folk into a new age.

The band is fronted by Phil Mitchell and consists of musicians native to his home town of Chicago. Over the years, Mitchell has written and composed music across all genres from jazz to rock, folk and country. The band got together in 2004 and have been amazing listeners with their blended sound ever since.

The pattering beats that open ‘My Love is True’ build a happy feeling in your chest. The notes pluck contentedly across the soundscape before they are joined by equally happy tones. These beats have a dancing vibe that lifts your spirits while the guitars that come in have you gently moving to their rhythm. While the melody has a great folk feeling to it, you can hear a slide of soul through the lower levels. This adds a modern edge to a melody that makes you think of early Fleetwood Mac. The electric guitar that calls through the lower levels of the song is wonderful and just adds that little extra bit to the already amazing music.

The female vocals dance with the beats to put a smile on your face. The toe-tapping melody creates the bounce the vocals propel themselves off. The movement of the vocals is as engaging and intriguing as the melody. The bouncy delivery gains a more melodic flow on the chorus as the harmonisations come in.

Phil Mitchell and his band fill you with good vibes through the unusual tempo and captivating sounds of ‘My Love is True’. A real treat for the ears, the song draws on great folk music of years gone by while adding a distinctly modern edge. This combines to create an engaging, intriguing and joyful single that effortlessly draws you in.

Find out more about Phil Mitchell on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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