Jon Mullins – Get To You (2020)

Obsessed with music from a young age, US-based singer-songwriter Jon Mullins has embraced a career in music with defiant zeal. After moving to Nashville as an adult where he surrounded himself with industry professionals, he started to hone his unique sound. Gaining a reputation for engaging lyrics and moving melodies, even impressing the judges on The Voice, Mullins is making waves on an international scale. One of the most emotional songs in his repertoire is ‘Get To You’.

‘Better Man’ was written as a response to the emotional difficulties he faced when his wife, Whitney, experienced physical and psychological setbacks as a result of a fall. As powerful as ‘Better Man’ is, ‘Get To You’ takes a deeper look into a relationship that is not necessarily at its best. Touching on issues of isolation, anxiety, rejection and despair, Mullins wears his heart on his sleeve in the piano-led ballad. The dulcet tones and timbre emphasise the desperation and pain experienced by the protagonist, so you truly do feel his torment.

Beautiful in its simplicity, ‘Get To You’ cleverly arranges heartwarming instrumentation taking one on an emotional journey from the basic piano opening to the pounding drums at the end. While the melody is intriguing and the lyricism compelling, it is the richness of Mullins’s bold vocals that carry the song. Elegantly traversing the diminuendo and crescendos, Mullins gracefully executes a gut-wrenching sound showcasing the robustness of his voice and songwriting. Nick Jonas described Mullins as an “enormous voice that fills up the room” and we have to agree as the memorable track lingers long after the song stops.

For more from Jon Mullins check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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