Phileas Fogg – The Gamzu Man (2020)

His story is as timeless as his tracks: artist signs to a major label before things start going downhill quickly. As such, the artist becomes disillusioned, finds a “normal” job, but the music never disappears from his life. Londoner Phileas Fogg followed this route; however, he spent every moment of his free time building a music space and then collecting various vintage instruments. So, where does it go from there?

We’ll tell you where it goes. Phileas Fogg finds himself attracting tens of thousands of streams with earlier SoundCloud-only releases (most of which have been withdrawn for re-release as part of an upcoming album). His latest release, and the first of 2020, is the ethereal ‘The Gamzu Man‘.

A bluesy single with funk undertones, ‘The Gamzu Man’ is a soulful tune; however, it is the melancholy in Fogg’s voice that really speaks to me. Exploring the issue of life trajectories and “letting monsters lie”, Fogg connects with listeners on a very intimate level. The guitars harmonise well with the distinct vocals and synths, but it’s really the overall combination that puts Fogg among the likes of The Doors and Pink Floyd.

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