Romi Hurts – Over You (2020)

If you are looking for an intense single with a quirky flow, Romi Hurts has just what you need. With her debut single ‘Over You’, she thrusts you into an intense synth-pop track full of unique sounds and a sensitivity for rhythms. The single showcases the two sides of her personality with soulful warmth draped over analytical songwriting.

While her music offers an honest and genuine approach to topics, the route she takes is not always the most conventional. The puzzle-loving and analytical side of her takes on the challenge of making music with fresh arrangements and clever flows. Exploring emotion with a dash of humour and raw passion, she has really set the bar with this debut.

The unique approach to music that Hurts takes hits you from the first moment of ‘Over You’. The droning beats in the low level of the melody push against your ears while lighter tones patter above. If taken on their own, the different elements of the melody would seem to never work together. However, she is able to bring them together with finesse as the beats pound and the shimmering tones bring a vibrant life to the song. Through the blended soundscape, you can feel the creeping emotions that highlight the feelings of the lyrics.

As the melody sends your mind twisting in different directions, Hurts’ vocals are a soulful slide of stability. There is a warmth to her voice that softens the power you are just waiting for her to unleash. The depth of her vocals moves with the emotions brought forth by the melody as the lyrics sit heavy in your chest. She effortlessly moves you from the blossoming of love and the adventures you have with a loved one to despair that seeps into your marrow.

Romi Hurts sets the bar extremely high with the captivating uniqueness of the melody and soulful vocals of ‘Over You’. While the melody feels like it shouldn’t work, each element comes together for a strategically calculated emotional hit. Hurts’ soulful vocals soothe your ride along the melody only to place the lyrics and the emotions they invoke deep in your chest.

Find out more about Romi Hurts on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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