Phillip Good – Let Me In, My Lady (2021)

When you first meet someone, the connection can be superficial as you struggle to let your guard down and show them who you truly are. If you have issues with this, Phillip Good is here to offer you some assistance with his single ‘Let Me In, My Lady’. Through the single, he works through really getting to know someone and the joy that comes from them letting their guard down around you.

With each song he releases, Good is pumping out messages of positivity that leave you feeling much lighter. While he only started putting out music and singing in the last year, Good has mastered his ability to weave country, pop and RnB together. Combining his skills with his positivity, he has been creating music that is both engaging, uplifting and just what the world needs right now.

The opening notes of ‘Let Me In, My Lady’ are rather addictive and perfectly capture your attention. They gently flow into a light RnB movement before some deep beats hit. There is a really smooth feeling to the music that is like a steady river of sound you can float down while closing your eyes and enjoy the majesty of the sound. The tender touch of the music rises and falls beneath the vocals while wrapping around you like a warm shawl or comforting hug.

As you float on the river of music, Good’s vocals bring an interesting mixture of contemporary tones. His delivery has a modern edge of RnB with a touch alternative pop. The lyrics bring a heavier RnB flow to the single while his melodic rides on the chorus are utterly wonderful. There is a slightly pleading edge to his performance as he asked to be let in. The honesty of his performance makes the single more poignant and opens your heart to the message of the track.

The smooth flows of ‘Let Me In, My Lady’ accentuate the honest and uplifting vibes Phillip Good is able to infuse into his music. With a melody that you can easily relax into and vocals that slide against your ears, he has you feeling able to open up to those around you. Through the gentle understanding of the single, he softens the walls that we build around ourselves.

Find out more about Phillip Good on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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