Molosser – Ray of Moonlight (2021)

While their single ‘Dive In’ was a Track of the Day last week, they have another that is sure to tantalise your ears. ‘Ray of Moonlight’ brings an Americana acoustic rock tone to the unique stylings of the band. With their signature idiosyncratic playing and moving acoustics, the band has you soaking up their vibes.

If the single on its own is not enough for you, they have also released a music video. The accompanying music video shows how the band is able to play two guitars and drums while only having two members while capturing the essence of their sound. Off their debut album, the single will have you diving into the collection and looking for any other music they have to offer.

‘Ray of Moonlight’ strums and shuffles into your senses with a movement that can’t be denied. Your feet are going to start tapping from the first moment and you might not even realise what has happened. Each of the guitars shines through the melody as they layer and ride on the movement of the other. The acoustics of the music is amazing and sink into your skin like the warm rays of the sun. While warm, there is an intimacy to the sound that closes in gently around you through each plucked guitar string and shuffle of the drums.

The husky tones of Tess’ vocals dances across the melody. She is able to effortlessly draw you into the story of the lyrics while swirling around your brain. There is an interesting poetry to the lyrics that enhances the power of her vocals. The huskiness drops at times for a light melodic flow that is bright like the sun breaking through clouds. Throughout the single, her performance has a delightful folk feeling to it that takes you back to the heyday of folk music.

Molosser continues to captivate with their single ‘Ray of Moonlight’ that brings a folk turn to their unique musical stylings. The vocals retain the huskiness we have come to love while sliding and dancing over intimate acoustics. Every element of the single perfectly slots into the over to create a layered track that shines in a different way each time you listen to it.

Find out more about Molosser on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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